10 Feb

SO WHY DOES ISLAM WANT TO GET SO MANY OF THEIR PEOPLE HERE ??? …..Quote the Muslim Brotherhood regarding their plans for North America:

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all (that) the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”
“[W]e must possess a mastery of the art of ‘coalitions’, the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’”




26 May

The Republican Party as a bastion of conservatism in America has suffered a very serious defeat…A populist celebrity and until just recently a registered Democrat by the name of Donald Trump has taken over, and as I write this, it looks like he will be the G.O.P. nominee to face off against the Democrat nominee.  Many in the party, including myself, do not like the idea, but that being the case let us look at the bright side….if there is an election in November (Martial Law imposed due to a natural or man-made disaster, rioting in the street, etc. whereby Obama cancels the election and remains in the White House and governs by edict)…...with Trump as our “champion:

There is the possibility that the Democrat Trump faces is neither Sanders or Clinton, and I have written in the past that it could even be Obama going for a third term in order to save his party from defeat.  We do know that any one of the three, or any Progressive, will be catastrophic and the end of this Republic as it was intended by our Founding Fathers.  A President Donald Trump is still far and away the better option. The Left and Ultra-Left  have worked for over a hundred years to be in the position of power they now have, so they will resort to every trick in the book to defeat Trump.  “The Donald”, however, may prove to be a much harder target than they have been used to; he doesn’t like to lose either.

We may be talking about internal warfare so let’s look at the opposing armies.  The Left will have the street Communists, the Black militants, the Islamic terrorists, union thugs, and  “America haters” in general.  Their numbers could be in the tens of thousands.   The Republican “establishment” will do what it has done for too many years, and cower behind their desks while the Marxist Muslim impostor in the White House continues his “transformation of America”… so….I envision the millions of dedicated Trump supporters, the “common folk” who aren’t going to be pushed around any more, to go into the streets in defense of liberty and their man.  Perhaps too, there will be enough of us who have known for some time the stakes in the game, to come forward and join the fray as well….and win.

Could Trump become a dictator as some have implied?  Yes, but much less so than what we are currently headed toward under the current administration and a continuance of same. I believe Trumps “America first” leanings far outweigh the “One World” philosophy of the Elitist Right and the Radical Left.  I am willing to take the gamble on Trump for the present,  and continue the dream for a true Conservative to govern this Republic.

Stan S. McWhinnie  May 26, 2016






10 May
*In spite of the fact that he is currently the presumptive candidate, not until the national convention is held and it is official, is he actually the candidate. This would apply to Hillary Clinton as well.
Because of the public’s great dissatisfaction with the disarray in Congress and the built up animosity against both national parties, both the “outsider” Trump and the “outside of reality” Bernie Sanders garnered a hard core following. Sanders support comes from brainwashed youth, and much of Trump’s from Democrats who (like Trump himself) registered as Republicans in order to vote in the primaries. Neither had a majority. Sanders was allowed in to add some zest to the Democrat dog and pony show, but for him to become the nominee, let alone win the general election, is delusional.
In spite of his obnoxious behavior month after month tearing down not only the sixteen other G.O.P. candidates but the Republican Party as well, the failure of the party itself to understand the stakes involved for the nation allowed the present circumstance to come about. From the beginning, the Republican organization must have thought it was campaign time as usual, so it allowed the same old players to exercise their egos in wild hope that he or she was the one to lead the charge against a failed Federal Government. Well it was not and is not the usual game of politics. The Left is fully entrenched, the mass media is in its pocket, the new crop of voters are pre-conditioned toward Socialism, a Marxist holds the highest office in the land, and after many decades of “evolutionary” conquest of the United States it is folly to believe that an honest election this November will ever occur.
A more serious look at what we Republicans face should have called us to a unified action in the beginning: select our best from those qualified and willing, and go forward as a team effort. The debate rules should have absolutely not allowed any personal attacks, and every candidate should have been presented to the viewing audience as worthy of the office of POTUS. Instead, the party allowed itself to be literally taken over, not just by an outsider, but by the outside. The Left must have been beside itself in glee watching the dismantling of Republican Conservatism.
All of that being said, let us look at why Donald Trump will not win in November.
1) Being so entrenched and unwilling to cede the power and control it now has, there is nothing the Left will not do to defeat the Republican candidate, Trump or otherwise.
2) Trump’s hard core following is still not a majority in his own party, and he has made so many enemies there that many will either give him no support, or give it only tepidly.
3) Because of 2) he may not receive enough financial support to run a winning campaign, and he will not provide enough of his own money so to do.
4) The left-leaning media which provided him so much favorable coverage before, will now attack him or belittle him which may well cause him to lose his cool and embarrass himself.
5) Because Trump seems little inclined to “be presidential” the idea of him representing this nation may not be so appealing to the more “refined” electorate.
6) Trump’s “I am the Greatest” persona (apologies to Cassius Clay) may prevent him from recognizing when he is in trouble and fail to counter an attack wisely.
7) His repeated claims to “make America great again” without concrete solutions other than to trust him, will soon become as boring to the more enlightened mind as it did during the primaries.
8) …. And this one is a corker….Hillary Clinton may not be the Democrat candidate after all. It might even be Barack Obama himself, having become so in order to save the Democrat Party and the nation from such a rich capitalist buffoon. Yes, there are many who would still vote for Obama and the means could be so maneuvered.
9) “Accidents do happen” as many past adversaries of the Clintons have learned.
10) Trump’s dis-favorability in national poles may prompt the Republican Party to break convention rules and disqualify him as their candidate for the survival of the party.

Stan S. McWhinnie May 9, 2016

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Stan McWhinnie
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3 May

TRUE AMERICAN VALUES are compassion for the oppressed, independence, honest labor, charity (freely given), humility, virtue, valor, entrepreneurship, self reliance, honor, trustworthiness, economic and fiscal stability, reliability, respect for the achievements of the past while going forward seeking further grand accomplishments, …and above all: gratitude for, and a recognition of, the blessings of our Creator. These are the values which brought forth the most “successful” nation in the history of mankind: The United States of America with its Republican form of government and its truly inspired Constitution. Question for all…. Who would seek to make “valueless” any or all of the above?


27 Apr

Now there is another viewpoint about “jobs overseas”…. Who fills these manufacturing jobs? Are they not our “brothers and sisters” because we are all God’s children, and do these less-fortunate-than-us “kin” now have the means (no matter how little compared to us in America) to provide for themselves and their families? Do we here truly suffer due to hunger and deprivation because these foreigners have employment…some for the first time in their lives? Great idea Donald Trump….return those American jobs grabbers back into poverty where they belong.

But there remains the question as to how this nation’s workforce is employed. A Communist form of government has never been able to provide legitimate work other than as overseers and by being properly connected…..though a lot of slave labor. A Socialist (Progressive) government only hides much unemployment and glosses it over with welfare payments. A “Free Enterprise” system cannot do the job it is capable of when overbearing government regulations stifle it.

There will always be some unemployed even when work is available, because some are just not mentally or physically able to work, some are happy to freeload because they just do not want to perform labor, and some do not have the skills needed to do the job. SOLUTION: Without diminishing labor laws enacted for the physical protection of the worker, businesses and industries must have the burden of governmental over-regulation removed or very much reduced, allowing for an expansion of their enterprises and the need for more employees. Youth must get over the idea of being a well paid “professional”, and seek to become skilled as tradesmen (plumbers, mechanics, electricians, tool and dye makers, engineers, architects, artists, painters, accountants,etc.). We already have too many lawyers, stockbrokers, rock stars and athletes…..and especially, bureaucrats. Our “nanny government” absolutely cripples job producing enterprise, so let’s get rid of at least half of the federal and state bureaucracies. With America’s inventive spirit many new industries will develop. In the very dangerous world in which we live, our military should be brought back to the world’s greatest fighting force and being a military person should not be demeaned. There are many great needs in the world like food and clean water so agriculture and aquaculture should be looked at. Some much more, but the point is, we really do not need many of those low paying unskilled jobs that are being done overseas. We only need to invigorate our own economy with common sense laws and an optimistic approach.


12 Apr

Assuming the current average of $9.00 hour (Burger King) wage, hence a $6.00 hourly increase to lower paid workers, there is now a ripple up effect on many wages, notably that of union workers whose contracts calls for a comparable
hourly increase, regardless of other benefits. Automobile assembly line workers get about $15.00 an hour (but often comes with bonuses and profit sharing), so that would increase their wage to $21.00 hr. Cost of cars will have to be increased…..ditto effect on most manufactured U.S. items. We are talking about low skilled workers, so prices on American goods go up….or jobs go overseas. But what is the case for workers in service occupations that require more than rote labor who already are paid more than a minimum wage? They are paid more because they provide more to their company….but they are not going to stand still and see someone worth much less (economically speaking) making as much or almost as much as they. They will demand a raise to balance things out and to recognize their greater worth….and now higher charges for services. Eventually prices of almost everything affected by labor costs will go up. If ones wages keep up with increased costs of what one buys or what services one receives, it may not make that great a difference. If you are not a wage earner, however (retired, unemployed, self-employed, student, or just “coasting”) it could make a very big difference in your lifestyle, and perhaps so much so that you will want help from the government. Now the government, will most likely grow the welfare state even more: “How can we not take care of our “poor”? Now we have bigger government hence increased taxes…taxes which will need to come from those employed persons now earning more because there is just so much that can be squeezed out of the very wealthy….at least those that have not yet fled the country or folded their businesses. Ultimately, misfortune must be shared by all, and government will see to it that equality of unhappiness is the norm….controlled by government…”in the name of the people”, of course. Now I did not discuss the massive federal and state bureaucracies in this discussion, because those workers are already ahead of the game and will be taken care of regardless.

Obama’s unusual statements and actions consistent with Malignant Narcissism, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD),

21 Nov

WELL DOCUMENTED AND FACTUAL,..Unless removed from office soon, this Republic may not survive.

Senior Citizens Public Square

OBAMA MAN CHILD IN OFFICEThis is how Obama sits at a moment when someone challenges him or infuriates him is in the room – portraying this obscene gesture, but with plausible deniability, that he can talk his way out of if ever questioned on it.

Explanation of what you’re seeing

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is marked here by an uncontrollable need to feed Obama’s view of self-grandiosity – his view of himself as above us all.

Obama does this gesture or position repeatedly at the precise moment that he mentions people who challenge his authority – the most hated thing to a narcissist.

Obama is not simply giving someone the finger as some politicians have done. That would be un-Presidential, but sane.

Rather, he is doing it in front of millions of people, but intending to NOT get caught. He does it covertly, and deniably. Meanwhile, these videos show it must be done…

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