Obama’s unusual statements and actions consistent with Malignant Narcissism, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD),

21 Nov

WELL DOCUMENTED AND FACTUAL,..Unless removed from office soon, this Republic may not survive.

Senior Citizens Public Square

OBAMA MAN CHILD IN OFFICEThis is how Obama sits at a moment when someone challenges him or infuriates him is in the room – portraying this obscene gesture, but with plausible deniability, that he can talk his way out of if ever questioned on it.

Explanation of what you’re seeing

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is marked here by an uncontrollable need to feed Obama’s view of self-grandiosity – his view of himself as above us all.

Obama does this gesture or position repeatedly at the precise moment that he mentions people who challenge his authority – the most hated thing to a narcissist.

Obama is not simply giving someone the finger as some politicians have done. That would be un-Presidential, but sane.

Rather, he is doing it in front of millions of people, but intending to NOT get caught. He does it covertly, and deniably. Meanwhile, these videos show it must be done…

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8 Oct

Individual rights are only those as granted by the State.

There is no personal property.  Its use is only as the State allows it.

The State is the caretaker of all property….In the name of the people.

National interests are subservient to world interests.

The individual does not have the capability to make good decisions; an elite body must take charge of all matters.

Opposition can not be allowed; any means of physically opposing the collective leadership must be taken out of the hands of the people….for the good of the people.

There is no God…..Only the State.


31 Aug
Becoming a US citizen is a process that requires diligence and perseverance. Read over the eligibility criteria below before you decide to embark on the application process for naturalization. Doing so will help you decide if naturalization is a realistic option for you.
An applicant for US citizenship must meet the following requirements:
Must be admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident (LPR), commonly referred to as one who possesses green card status. There is only one exception to this requirement: If an applicant has served in the US armed forces during war, that person may be naturalized without first becoming a permanent resident if they were in the United States upon induction or enlistment into the US military.
Continuous residence in the US for at least five years immediately preceding the applicant’s filing for naturalization. Continuous residence is not the same thing as physically present here. That is, one must maintain their status as a legal permanent resident but not necessarily be physically inside the borders of the US to accomplish this. For example, if one is overseas for a portion of this period, maintaining an address location and paying one’s state and federal taxes may help ensure continuity of residence for this requirement. Also, if overseas for any more than a few months, it may be advisable to obtain a travel document prior to departing. This may be done on INS Form I-131. Only three years continuous residence are required if the applicant is filing for US citizenship based upon marriage. This exception applies if you are the spouse of a US citizen and have been married for three years; are the battered spouse of a US citizen (even if you are separated or divorced); are a refugee or political asylee; in the US military or are a widow or widower of someone in the US military; or are a spouse of a US citizen in particular overseas jobs.
Actual physical residence (within the state in which the petition is filed) during at least the three months immediately before filing for US citizenship is another requirement.
Physical presence within the US for a total of at least one half of the period of required continuous residence. That is, two and a half years for most applicants and one and a half years for spouses of US citizens.
Continuous residence (but not necessarily physical presence) in the United States from the date of filing the naturalization application up to the date of being sworn in as a US citizen.
The ability to read, write and speak ordinary English unless they are physically unable to do so due to a disability such as being blind or deaf, or suffer from a developmental disability or mental impairment. Those over 50 years old on the date of filing who have lived here for a total of at least 20 years after admission as a permanent resident and those who are over 55 and have been legal permanent residents for at least 15 years are also exempt from this requirement.
A basic understanding of the fundamentals of US history and government. There is an oral test that covers fundamentals of US history and government and it is required for naturalization.
Good moral character and an affinity for the principles of the US Constitution. Good moral character is reflected in the applicant’s behavior before applying for US citizenship. Good moral character is demonstrated by paying taxes and having a clean criminal record, for example, and is an important part of qualifying for naturalization.
Applicants should be at least 18 years of age at the time of filing. Certain exceptions exist, however, for the children of other permanent residents who are seeking naturalization.
Other Paths to Citizenship
An applicant under the age of 18, may still qualify for naturalization if one of his or her parents is a citizen or becomes a citizen of the United States.


29 Aug

SOCIALISM…WONDERFUL IS IT NOT? Everything belongs to everybody, so the greedy desire to personally own something happily gives way to the greater joy of sharing everything.
The old way of acquiring things for personal pleasure leads to wanting even more, and evil because it means another person can’t have it. As one person gains, another must lose.
All things, then, must be held “in the name of the people”, allowing the people to use, rather than own.
In order to have a “one-ness” of all things, there must be a central authority to maintain, by all means necessary, the attitude of non-ownership and the joy of equalized possession by the people.
The most coveted of things, previously know as luxuries, must be held in the safe hands of the central authorities to avoid unhealthy desires by the populace. Be rest assured, that all items of temptation, will be taken care of very well….in the name of the people, of course.
Needless to say, labor is needed to produce the things that are to be shared, so all must labor, save for the central authorities whose contribution of guardianship is more important.
It is recognized, however, that all are not capable of laboring with the same energy, so production of goods and services will be based upon this great Socialist rule: One is to labor as best he or she feels fit so to do or is able to do, but shares equally in the fruits of combined effort.


25 Aug

Can YOU….yes YOU….prove that you do not have a “mental illness” which would prevent you from owning a firearm? Are you a “super patriot”, Tea-Party participant, mistrust your government, believe those conspiracy theories about Marxists taking over the U.S., believe the POS actually lies, think same sex marriage is un-natural, think that the educational system is really an indoctrination system, believe Oblama is a Muslim sympathizer, do you have a strong Christian faith…and harbor any other wild thoughts? Do you think it possible that a “board of experts” in Washington could issue general guidelines based upon the above to declare all non conformist anti-Progressives as being mentally ill….and is it possible that the Affordable Care Act may be the means of disarming America…except of course, the sane and responsible Leftists?


19 Aug


Hispanics are a valued and integral part of the American makeup. Soon a majority of our fire fighters, police, armed forces, medical personnel, professionals, etc. may well carry Latin surnames, and we look forward to sharing with them what we refer to as the “American Dream”, and anticipate their contributions to this great Republic. As an important voting block, you may also steer the political direction of this nation: maintaining it as a free enterprise system, or one with a Socialist agenda as is in Venezuela and Cuba. As a religious and industrious people, with a history of opposing dictatorial rule, the natural “home” for the Hispanic is within the Republican Party. To be elsewhere politically is to merely meld with too many others who have accepted the plantation master’s allotment, to the detriment of themselves and their children. If the Hispanic is to prosper in a land of opportunity, that land must be one that rewards endeavor rather than punish accomplishment with onerous regulation and taxation. The Democrats will try to convince you that Republicans are uncaring and want you only as a cheap source of labor, but that is an outrageous deception. Theirs is an agenda which will limit your growth, because it seeks to keep all people at the same level…one that is low, but “equal”. The Free Enterprise, small government, low taxation agenda of the Republican Party makes it possible for all citizens to rise to the highest level of their abilities and we have no envy of such growth. Further, we Republicans do welcome legal immigration from Latin and South America, but for the security of all our citizens, we oppose the illegal immigration which has flooded our borders, and that illegal mass entry into this country should be of special concern to the Hispanic community, for amongst those seeking only to provide for themselves and their families, are others of a more criminal nature. That criminal element will most likely move into the Hispanic community, threatening its social order and influencing its youth. Further, even the good-intentioned illegal immigrant will dilute the labor pool at a time when jobs, especially for the unskilled, are scarce. These are truths which you must consider. As a Republican and a Conservative I urge you, the Latin-American voter, to reject the false promises and untruths of the Democrat Party. Do not subject yourselves and your future generations to a state of mediocrity, which that party’s socialist program will surely bring.


19 Aug

To vote in the United States (with some local exceptions) one must be a CITIZEN OF THE U.S.. To become a citizen (other than by birth) one MUST “HAVE THE ABILITY TO READ, WRITE AND SPEAK ORDINARY ENGLISH” (exception is being deaf or blind)….therefore….one should also be required so to do before being allowed to vote. Ballots printed in other than English is allowing and encouraging illegal voting and should be done away with….especially in Federal elections.




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